TravelinKayak was born years ago, from the passion to travel and kayaking.
I’m Marco Venturini, founder of TravelinKayak, ACA (American Canoe Association) whitewater, coastal kayaking instructor and instructor trainer; professional skipper, cycling guide.
Our specialty are tailor-made trips for small groups.
We are based in Central Italy from where it’s easy to reach the best kayaking spots of the warm and charming Mediterranean (Italy, Croatia, Corsica, Greece, Sardinia and Sicily).

We take pride in the authenticity and unicity of our exclusively designed trips and see ourselves as ambassadors of culture and explorers of wilderness.


We offer a complete service to provide you everything you need for stylish and enjoyable journeys, enriched by an immersive experience of the beauties of the Mediterranean culture and landscape. We love life-style, culture, nature. We are proud of more than 10 years of experience in leading groups safely and having fun, at times in partnership with international paddlers and top player outfitters.

We love life-style, culture, nature.

About me

It all began with my great passion for kayaking and traveling. Then came the desire to share these passions by putting my creativity and experience to work, and the idea of offering real experiences, activities and trips that are original and fascinating.
I have a heritage of seamanship, more than 20 years of practice, and now more than 10 years of experience in leading kayaking trips.
After all these years, I’m still passionate about what led me here in the first place: kayaking, paddleboarding, cycling, sailing, traveling, as well as history, tradition and culture.
I’m curious, always looking for something special, always intent on fully experiencing what is around me. I take my leading role seriously and responsibly. Which makes of me an outdoor man that firmly believes in and follows the “Leave No Trace” principles.


I thank you very much all the people that have supported in different ways this project, my family, all the friends and some special people without whom TravelinKayak would not exsist or would not be as it is.

Traveller code of conduct

By observing, you can enter into another culture. By listening, you can learn something
new, instead of talking about things you already know. Be curious. Be smart. Be respectful. Have fun.

A trip with TRAVEL IN KAYAK is a fun, educational and unforgettable experience; Italy
and the Mediterranean are a culturally and environmentally diverse area, with an
enormous amount of things to do and a fascinating history.
As a responsible kayaking and active trips company, we encourage you:

Tailored kayaking, Sup, Cycling in Italy and the Mediterranean

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