Bycicle Adventures in Italy

If a kayak is the best craft to ride trails on the water … a bicycle is an unbeatable one to ride routes on land.

We are lucky to have some of the world’s best cycling routes here in Italy. We organize tailor made cycling trips for small groups, with regular bikes or assisted bikes, for a wide level of riders. Here are some of the routes we propose.

Some destinations


The route go through landscapes such as quiet variegated countryside, hills of vineyards, renaissance villages, smooth Appennini mountains, historical towns, panoramic coastline and lively cities on the Adriatic Sea. It’s a bycicle journey that goes “sea to summit to sea” “by crossing the most fascinating countryside of Italy”.


Dolomites out of the beaten track, a trail with speachless panorama, culinary experience and much more.


The paradise for gravel routes, infinte trails between the legendary landscape of Tuscany and Umbria, including Stradabianca and Eroica trails.

Tailored kayaking, Sup, Cycling in Italy and the Mediterranean

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